Chimpanzee gangs fight for territory

Chimpanzees show more or less same behavior as humans when it comes to killing other chimpanzees. They have a strategy to form groups or gangs of 5 - 8 males and seek out lonely males from rival groups. They would then sneak up on the victim, ambush and kill him. It is also common to feast on the dead enemies corpse.

Ginger is a natural form of aspirin

Ginger includes a naturally occurring substance known as salicylate. Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) is a synthetic derivative of salicylate that is used to treat many ailments.

Eat 3 times a day?

The Romans thought that eating one meal a day was more nutritious. They were crazy about food and many people believed eating more than one meal was gluttony.

Local animal shelters.

Be sure to check your local dog shelter for special programs, that will most likely bring lots of joy to you and tailed shelter dwellers.

Invasion from above

Fish eggs can hatch and develop after passing through a duck, making it plausible how pristine bodies of water loaded with fish can exist.

Do animals have conscience?

I always thought that only human beings have a conscience, but recently I started to doubt this.

Zebras black and white striped color protect against horseflies.

It has been experimentally proven that horseflies are much less likely to land on striped surfaces than just on white or black ones.